Hannah'sHeadcoverings Test

For the past *approximately* 18 years, the ladies in our family have worn headcoverings of all shapes, sizes, textures and styles.  We have had opportunities galore for practice, improvisation and creativity!  For us, wearing a headcovering is a conviction and is associated with modesty, but that does not mean they should be drab or frumpy.  We love bright colors and shimmering threads, and we love to experiment and find pretty ways to wear them!  And although we wear a variety of styles, most of us have found the tichels to be the headcovering of choice.

We receive many responses about our headcoverings but there are two questions that we hear more than any others: “Why do you wear them?” and “Where do you get them?”

We intend to address the first question gradually on this site and blog in the future.  Our response to the second question has always been, “We get them in Israel!”  and that is the truth.  Our family has been privileged with the opportunity to visit Israel, both in entirety and as individuals.  Whenever we are there, we scour the shuks (markets) for the best deals on tichels and we bring large quantities back to the States for ourselves and for friends.  For years we have dreamed of starting a business to resell tichels and recent circumstances have provided us with that opportunity!

Whether you wear a tichel, scarf or headcovering for modesty or fashion (or both!), we want to meet your needs.  For that reason we try to keep our prices affordable!  There is a large selection of colors, patterns and designs in our store and most of our items are made of soft cotton or viscose.  We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated and we try to practice this to the best of our ability in business dealings.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us – we would be happy to hear from you!  We hope that your visit here will be a pleasant one!