Tutorial: Elizabeth’s Basic Tichel

Here is another tutorial that was submitted by Elizabeth in New York! Enjoy!

1. Start with your hair down. If you have bangs (as I do), you can either leave them out or put them up using a bobby pin or clip.
2. Put your hair into a bun- using a hair band, begin by pulling your hair back and tying as if you’re making a ponytail. On the last tie, pull your hair only about halfway through.
3. Lay the tichel on your head. Position it right at your hairline, and make sure both ends are the same length.
4. Take the ends and use a single knot to tie them under the bun.
5. Push all the extra fabric underneath this knot.
6. At this point, you can leave the ends out or knot the ends again under the bun and tuck in  …
… or knot again on top of the bun and tuck in.
7. Use two (or more, if needed) hair clips to make sure the tichel doesn’t slide off.


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